Your search for a Maine wedding photographer just got easier. If a guest got to follow you around through your entire wedding day, what would they see? A laugh and lingering hug between a bride and her mom as the stylist puts the final touches on her hair. A toast between groomsmen as they hype up their best friend for his big moment. The stories, prayers, and jokes that fill a ceremony celebrating the once-in-a-lifetime love you’ve found.

These are the moments you’ll never want to forget.

The moments you’ll wish you could catch forever and never let go.

But between the pressure of a day you’ve been dreaming of since you were five and the whirlwind of 200 guests, you won’t be able to hang onto—or even see!—it all. That’s where we come in. As a Maine wedding photographer and videographer, we ensure you can make breakfast while grinning at that photo of your bridal party tossing you in the air and fall asleep to an image of your first kiss for the next half-century and beyond! But still images, while vital, can’t catch the sound of the crowd’s cheer as you walk back down the aisle or the whispered “I love you” that made you tear up during your portraits. As a photo-video duo, we capture it all so you can revisit every special moment for decades to come.

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And here's where our love story meets yours!

When we aren’t preserving a wedding day, you can probably spot us at The Lost Fire for a date night (between episodes of Yellowstone) or headed to a National Park 2000 miles west to experience the mountains. We love every bit of exploring new places, from finding new favorite trails to the perfect local coffee shop for a latte and morning snack.

I didn’t begin my journey to wedding photography in a high school yearbook room or as an art student. In fact, I bet you’ll never guess where I thought my life was headed before I picked up a camera for the first time. And you’ll definitely never guess why I first reached for a camera!

Josie and I believe every wedding should be captured beautifully, authentically, and true to you. That's why our approach to weddings are different than most. We want your photos and film to reflect who you are as a couple, which is why we draw inspiration from your interactions, your vows, and your intentions to one another to craft a wedding experience that shares your love story. Us being able to do it as a couple makes it even sweeter, and we love the opportunity to work together on the weekends and spend time with one another. This isn't your typical wedding team, we are fun, full of energy, and we are ready to take every step with you to prepare for the biggest day of your life.

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"Dawson and Josie are the perfect team to work with on your big day"

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Their work is amazing and their portfolio speaks for itself but what you don’t see is how comfortable Dawson and Josie make you feel in front of the camera. They were both so personable, professional, fun, and easy going which made such a huge difference for my husband and I who were both very shy to be in front of the camera. Dawson has plenty of tricks/pointers that will produce beautiful photos without having you ‘pose’. We have definitely found our photographer for life and I can’t wait to have Dawson & Josie capture all the stages of our lives to come. Highly recommended!

- Jocelyn and Mike


Whether we are carefully planning a portrait timeline that gets you to your cocktail hour or sticking an almost-invisible piece of tape on the ground to make sure you’re centered in your ceremony photos, we think ahead so that you don’t have to. Our whole client experience is centered around beautifully preserving your day the way it actually happens with the least amount of intrusion or interruption. And we believe that can only happen because of our signature approach to pre-wedding prep!


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Wedding photography and videography can feel intimidating and uncomfortable, and who wants a stiff stranger around when you need a hand? You need a trusted friend who can guide you through the process, illuminating everything that feels too complicated and relieving the stressors that feel too much. You want someone who's done this so many times that they know a wedding day like the back of their hand, but who treats your celebration like it’s their very first. You deserve to see the way he smiles at you when you aren’t looking, and to relisten to his vows on your 50th anniversary. You deserve all that and more. You deserve a luxury Maine wedding photography and videography experience, and Josie and I are here to do just that for you.

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"Dawson truly is amazing at what he does! He photographed our engagement pictures and our wedding. Dawson came into each photo shoot with so many ideas for different shots to take. He made us feel comfortable and relaxed. He always made sure to ask if there was anything specific that we wanted from our photos. Dawson is incredibly talented, professional, and fun. Your wedding pictures are something that you will have forever and something you’ll fill your house with. Dawson captured our beautiful day and my house is filled with the pictures he took. He is amazing at what he does and I can’t recommend him enough. Dawson you truly are amazing! THANK YOU!"

- Olivia and Collin

Your love, captured effortlessly.

What it means to be a wedding photographer in Portland, Maine

Shortly after starting with landscapes, I began shooting promotional video content for Saint Joseph’s College. After being approached by an admissions counselor about shooting her wedding, the idea of being a wedding photographer and filmmaker was brought to my attention. I asked another local wedding photographer if I could second shoot for her, to gain experience and see if this was something I wanted to pursue.

Slowly, a hobby progressed into a side-hustle, and from that side-hustle boomed a massive demand for my wedding photography and wedding videography. Traveling all across the country and across the world, I now work full time as a wedding and elopement photographer based out of Portland, Maine.

You’re probably wondering, how on earth does someone just start photographing weddings in Maine? I actually started my photography journey when I was a kid, playing around with my dad’s old camera at my sisters sporting events. I put photography away for a while and didn’t think much of it as I started my path in college to pursue becoming a physician. In college I became fascinated with waking up early and watching the sun rise. Growing up in Maine, you quickly gather an appreciation for the beauty surrounding you that God has created. The mountains, the rocky coast, everything around you is a testament to the power and awe of God. I decided to buy a camera to document these times out at sunrise, and I wanted more photos of the adventures I shared with my now fiancé, Josie. Shooting landscapes, especially at sunrise and sunset, was a way to get out and explore unique places and make the most of everyday life.