An educational content experience along the rocky coastline of Maine

KENNEBUNK, ME | JUNE 03-06, 2024

Calling all wedding and elopement photographers

Now's your chance to unleash your creativity and master the art of wedding, elopement, and couples photography against the breathtaking backdrop of Maine's picturesque coastline. Welcome to our exclusive educational wedding photography workshop, where aspiring photographers like you will embark on a transformative journey of skill development, inspiration, and business growth.

Immerse yourself in the charm of maine's coastal towns

With iconic lighthouses, quaint harbors, and stunning seascapes, this workshop is your passport to capturing extraordinary moments in one of the most enchanting locations in the world. From rocky cliffs to sandy beaches, you'll have endless opportunities to refine your craft and expand your portfolio with awe-inspiring imagery. This isn't just a content workshop however. Led by industry professionals who have mastered the art of wedding photography, this workshop is tailored to meet the needs of both emerging talents and experienced photographers seeking to take their skills to new heights. Through a carefully curated curriculum, you'll learn essential techniques, composition and posing, and business strategies that will elevate your business to the next level.

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Meet your hosts

I started photographing weddings in his sophomore year of college. I originally planned to go to medical school, and become an Orthopedic Physician. As demand grew, what started out as a side hustle quickly became a six-figure photo/video business, and plans for Medical school went out the window. Josie, my fiancé and high school sweetheart, started filming alongside me at the end of 2021. After seeing how much I loved capturing weddings, she decided to give her creative side a little freedom, too. Today, she captures the sounds and movement of a wedding day. Shooting 25-30 weddings per year as a photo and video team, Josie and I bring an abundance of knowledge not just about photography, but about building a business. We want to help you in whatever area you are struggling with your business, from marketing, to shooting, and so much more. We can't wait to watch your talents grow!

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Dawson + Josie

We love to travel, and we've been to our fair share of workshops, so we know what we want! We want this workshop to be worth every penny, in both the education aspect and the styled shoots. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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The education Topics:

• Building Your personal brand

• Finding Your ideal Client

• The business behind photography

• Setting your pricing strategy

• How to sell yourself on a client call

• Marketing with google ads

• Posing and Putting your clients at ease

and so much more

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Meet us in Maine

Josie and I grew up and have lived our entire lives in Maine. There isn't quite anything like a Maine summer, with warm weather and a coastal breeze paired with the charm of a small Maine town. We are experts of the area, and can provide so many great recommendations for you to enjoy your time here. From restaurants, to coffee shops, to our favorite locations to shoot, we are going to provide you with all of our insider knowledge.

With 6 shoots in total, this workshop will be a true Maine experience. From shooting at iconic lighthouses, to cliffside beaches, to a hidden slice of serenity along the coast, we want you to leave this workshop feeling energized and ready to elevate your business.

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Questions & Answers

Where should we fly into?

You can either choose to fly into Portland (PWM) or Boston (BOS). Boston is about an hour and 30 minutes from the cottages, and will likely have the cheaper flights depending on the airport you're flying in from! Portland Jetport is about 30 minutes from the cottages.

How will transportation work?

We recommend renting a car, or connecting with one of the other attendees and renting a car together! You'll find that in Maine, you have to drive everywhere you go, so it is recommended to rent a car. There will not be any remote locations that require 4x4, etc, so you can rent a sedan comfortably!

Is food included?

We want to make sure you can stay energized and ready to shoot! We will be providing basic snacks and drinks, along with simple lunches (sandwiches, pasta salad, etc.), but we encourage you to try one of the many incredible restaurants in the area! Southern Maine has some of the best food in the entire country, and we will certainly give you some recommendations!

What will the schedule look like?

It's hard to say until it gets closer, but the schedule will likely consist of shooting at sunrise, and sunset, with education back at the cottages in the Main House in between. Sunrise is at 5am and sunset is at 8:20, so it will make for some long days of shooting! We will be sure to balance some down time with the plans for each day to make sure you don't burn out!

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