Maine Engagement Session Locations: Dawson and Josie’s Top Picks

Selecting a location for an engagement photo session in Maine is a key step for couples as they begin their wedding planning process. Maine, known for its picturesque landscapes and coastal charm, offers a variety of stunning backdrops for your engagement session pictures. Picking a location that fits your aesthetic is important. One of our biggest tips is to pick a location that compliments your wedding style or your future wedding venue, as these pictures will likely be used for save the dates, photo coffee books, and so much more.

When planning a Maine engagement session, the natural beauty of the state serves as an ideal setting for creating the best pictures. With four distinct seasons, Maine’s locations shine differently throughout the year. Whether it’s the lush greenery of summer, the vibrant colors of fall, the tranquil snowscapes of winter, or the blossoming florals of spring, each season offers unique opportunities for capturing the essence of your relationship.

The best part about an engagement session with Josie and I, is that we always photograph and film your engagement session if you have booked your wedding with us! We believe it’s a great way to get in front of both of our cameras and also have special moments captured in stills and in videos. You can even send out a video save the date if you let us know, as those are becoming more popular as well!

Iconic Lighthouses for Maine Engagement Sessions

Maine’s coastline is dotted with historic lighthouses that offer a romantic backdrop for engagement sessions. Each lighthouse tells a unique story and creates a picturesque setting for your photos.

Portland Head Light

Location: Cape Elizabeth
Best Time to Photograph: Sunrise or Sunset

Portland Head Light, perched on the rocky shores of Cape Elizabeth, is the quintessential Maine lighthouse. Built in 1791, it offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Couples often choose the surrounding Fort Williams Park for its variety of scenic spots, including cliff walks and lush greenery.

Katie and Symeon at Portland Head Light

Nubble Lighthouse

Location: Cape Neddick, York
Best Time to Photograph: Golden Hour

The Nubble Lighthouse—or Cape Neddick Light—sits isolated on a small rocky island off the coast of York Beach. Accessible via Sohier Park, the location provides an idyllic New England seascape. The red-roofed, white structure contrasts beautifully with the blues of the sea and sky, especially during the golden hour, casting a soft, warm glow ideal for photography. This is a location we recommend super close to sunset, as the sun will set opposite the lighthouse. Showing up too early means the sun might be in your face – not a good recipe for photos!

Romantic Beachfront Views for Maine Engagement Sessions

Maine’s coastline offers a variety of stunning beachfront locations perfect for engagement sessions, combining the serene backdrop of the ocean with the state’s natural beauty.

Kettle Cove

Kettle Cove, located in Cape Elizabeth, presents a classic Maine beach scene with its gentle waves and soft, sandy shores. Josie and I love this spot for a few reasons, but our favorite is that the beach area and the rocky shores actually face more south/southwest, one of the fewer places in Maine with this feature, and that means the sun sets behind you, perfect for soft light in your engagement photos.

  • Accessibility: Easy to reach with nearby parking
  • Best Time: Late afternoon for soft lighting
Marina and Garrett at Kettle Cove

Reid State Park

This location is our absolute favorite, and we wish it was closer to us! Reid State Park in Georgetown is a beautiful setting with its expansive sandy beaches and iconic rocky ledges. Because of it’s diversity, it is one of the best places we’ve found to give couples a wide variety of images and backdrops. It is generally pretty quiet at sunset, which is another reason it makes Reid State Park our top choice.

  • Scenery: Diverse with beach and rocky areas
  • Tide Considerations: Check tide schedules to ensure beach availability
Delaney and Kyle at Reid State Park

Sand Beach in Acadia

Nestled in Acadia National Park, Sand Beach offers a unique combination of pine-forested cliffs and clear waters. This beach provides a spectacular sunrise view, giving one’s engagement photos a serene and fresh start to their story.

  • Park Entry: Requires National Park pass
  • Sunrise Advantage: Arrive early for tranquil morning light

Charming Waterfront Towns for Maine Engagement Sessions

Maine’s coastline is dotted with picturesque towns ideal for engagement sessions. Their historic waterfronts provide a blend of natural beauty and quaint architecture perfect for capturing love stories.


Portland embodies a vibrant urban setting beside the tranquility of Casco Bay. Couples can explore the Old Port with its cobblestone streets and waterfront piers. Photography options range from the elegant City Hall to the working waterfront, offering a dynamic backdrop for engagement photos.

Noell and Brian at Portland City Hall


In contrast, Kennebunkport offers a serene coastal atmosphere with its sandy beaches and classic New England charm. We recommend Dock Square and the quiet splendor of Gooch’s Beach or Mothers Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maine offers a variety of stunning scenery for engagement sessions, from coastal vistas to forested retreats, creating the perfect backdrop for each couple’s unique story.

Which places are considered the best to propose in Maine?

We recommend any place that holds a special connection between you and your soon-to-be fiancé! The Maine coast has so many great options. If you need a recommendation, feel free to contact us!

Where in Portland, Maine, are prime spots for taking engagement pictures?

In Portland, Maine, prime locations for engagement pictures include the cobblestone streets of the Old Port, the picturesque Eastern Promenade, and the rolling landscapes of nearby Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth. These spots provide a mix of urban charm and natural beauty.

How can we book you for engagement pictures?

Josie and I offer complimentary engagement sessions to all of our couples that book us for weddings! If you would like to book us for an engagement session, just contact us.